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Frequently asked questions:

  1. A V8 in a 944, does it fit?
  2. What is the economics of a transplant?
  3. I heard the V8 was to heavy for the 944?
  4. Why would I pay so much for a conversion when I can just go buy a used Corvette or a new one if I wanted a GM car?
  5. For $20k I can get a pretty nice sports car?
  6. Is it still a Porsche once you put the GM Motor in it?
  7. I hear the V8 can tear up the 944 Transmission
  8. How fast is the new 944 in the1/4 mile?
  9. Should I get a V8 or V6?
  10. What should I do about brakes?
  11. Why are you putting a new Radiator in the cars?
  12. Should I go with Manual or power brakes?
  13. Who is better you or Renegade-Hybrids?

A V8 in a 944, does it fit? The V8 conversion/transplant for Porsche 944’s has been around for over 20+ years. The V8 is a tight fit, but it does fit well. The New GM LS1 engines are even better for the transplant as they are lighter and do not change the balance points on the 944 hardly at all. At 944 Transformation we have work hard to make the installation of the V6 or V8 look lik eit was installed at the factory. Check out the pictures on the Gallery Page to see some customer installations. Top

What are the economics of doing a transplant? The 944 is a 20+ year platform. It has aged and requires more maintenance, more than most owners would like. The cost of an engine replacement for a 944 rebuild is estimated to be $5K, a clutch replacement is $1.5K An AC repair can get in over $1K. By replacing the engine and accessories from Porsche to GM, you reduce cost of both the components and the labor, but open up a whole after market of suppliers. let's face it a 944 with 80 to +100K miles on it is worn out and is going to expensive to fix up, a transplant is an economic alternative. A nice V6 engine transplant will run from $5K to $7K. That includes AC, Clutch, flywheel, Engine and installation. Now you can have a low mileage GM Generation III V6 putting out 240HP for another 200K miles. Not a bad ROI and performance upgrade.

I heard the V8 was to heavy for the 944? The original LT1 engines are about 250 lbs heavier than the stock Porsche engine we pull out. We compensate for that in a couple of ways: we put heavier springs on the front to adjust for the weight, we can move the battery to the back of the car, we can put lighter headers over the stock manifolds. Overall we can remove between 100 and 75 lbs from the front of the car, which will bring it back pretty close to the original balance points. Think of it this way, if you weigh 150lbs and I weigh in at 250, that is a 100lb difference in the balance points on the car. Top

Why would I pay so much for a conversion when I can just go buy a used Corvette or a new one if I wanted a GM car? Well if you want to buy a used Corvette or a new one, you should, we are not trying to talk anyone out of what they want. However, the benefits of the 944 over the used Corvette are pretty good, first of all, what makes a 944 such a treasure is how well the Germans built these cars, please compare a 10-20-30 year old Corvette with these 944’s and tell me what you find. You cannot beat the quality of the 944 as a base platform. A second point here is let’s compare specifications. A LS1 conversion of the 944 compared to a new $74,000 Corvette Z06, check out the spec’s page for the details, but for $8-12K for a Transplant and $20k for a full transplant with interior refresh, please show us the $70 advantage the Corvette has. Top

For $20k I can get a pretty nice sports car? Really, please tell us what you mean by a sports car. The new Boxter starts at $49k, the new Corvette base model is the same; yet for less than half of that you can get the performance specs that RIVAL the new 996, Z06 or ZR1. Seriously, a legitimate comparison. Some might say the ZR1 has a top speed of 205, great, but where the 944 will match right up to the ZR1 is handling and acceleration in the real world. Let’s compare 30-90 and 20-60 acceleration speeds and then lets talk $50K + of difference. Top

Is it still a Porsche once you put the GM Motor in it? Yes, that’s our strong and stated opinion. Some will tell you that it is not, that is their opinion too. We are not going to argue the point; those that believe the 944 should remain pure are entitled to their opinion, as we are ours. We are not out to challenge or change anyone's opinion. Top

I hear the V8 can tear up the 944 Transmission?
Yes, IF you abuse the transmission or do not plan for how you are going to drive (Track vs Street) and do not address the issue up front. First it will be how you plan to drive you car, if you want to really get on the car and push it (dump the clutch), then a V8 can potentially hurt the transmission. We do offer a Transmission upgrade option where we strengthen the transmission just like the 944 race teams do. They face the same issue of high HP and Torque on the transmission like the V8’s put out. Top

How fast is the new 944 in the ¼ mile? Fast, but that is not what this car was designed for. If you want s ¼ mile car then we suggest looking at something else for a transplant. The 944 is a performance road and rally car, not a dragster. Top

Should I get a V8 or V6? That is your choice? The difference between the two is in Horse Power and Torque, obviously the V8 has more. What the Supercharged V6 does is provide what we like to call an enhanced 944 Turbo feel. The V6 brings to the driving experience about a 20%-40% increase in HP and TQ over the Turbo. It is lighter so the weight balance is perfect. The V6 is a nice upgrade to the Turbo 4 or DOC 3.0 in the original 944’s and brings it an edgier feel to its driving. The V8’s on the other hand takes the 944 to a new level of performance. Nearly double the HP and TQ, the V8 brings the 944 into the Super Sports Car class in performance. So it is a choice for each driver. Top

What should I do about brakes? That depends. First of all, the 944 comes with two types of brake calipers, the NA version single piston calipers and the Turbo S2 4 piston calipers. For the V6 transplants, either set of calipers will work, however, for a V8 we strongly recommend the 4 piston calipers or an after market solution. We can help you with determining your needs and solutions sets. Top

Why are your solutions for radiator in the cars? There are several options for the radiator. Many conversion are running the stock Turbo Radiator, there is also several after market upgrades available for the conversion. It depends on what your application is and what engine you are running. Options run from $200 single row options to +$1,000 three row systems. Top

Should I go with manual or power brakes? Top

Who is better you or Renegade-Hybrids? We are both good companies. Renegade has been around the longest in the 944 conversion field. We have taken a new look at how to do the conversions and believe we have excellent products and services to offer. Make no mistake, the Renegade team does great work, we are not going to downplay them as a competitor. Key differences here between us and Renegade can be made in two areas: 1) we offer 4 motors to transplant, they offer only the LS1. 2) we have developed a different approach to the Engine transplant, Renegade is mostly custom parts available from only Renegade, we use more off the shelf parts and only a few custom. Top

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